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Studying with expired F1 Visa

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  • Studying with expired F1 Visa

    going for restamping. Would that cause any problem while applying for OPT?

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    Hi,I was in USA in 2011 for a certificate program on F1. I then joined Masters degree in another university but my F1 visa was still valid so I continued without going back home. My visa has now expired. I intend to complete my degree by 2014 summer and I would visit home in December 2013 and would need to reapply for the visa.I intend to apply for OPT in April or May?

    My question
    Since I am studying with expired F1 Visa and will get stamping this December prior to OPT Start date.
    -Would there be issues in restamping
    -would there be any problem while applying for OPT?

    This was posted on on 9th Sept 2013

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    i am going to india in Dec with the same situation. I dont think there should be any problem in renewing as long as your paperwork is good. Plus, if your university is same, you also get a interview waiver,


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      Not a problem... Enjoy your trip... Happy journey and All the best ...


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        Its funny because I am in the exact same situation!! according to my DSO as long as my I-20 is valid we have no problems......if u want to travel then all u have to do is renew the visa which shouldn't be a hassle! have fun in december!


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          Seems like you haven't visited India for 2 years. One of my friends was in the same situation, he went back to India but was not able to get back. His visa was rejected thrice and he was not able to come back. This happened 2 years back. Don't know what's the current scenario there right now, but just wanted to warn you.