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Out of Status and Country- Can I join another school with existing F1 Visa or should

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  • Out of Status and Country- Can I join another school with existing F1 Visa or should

    F1 Visa or should I go for New Stamping?

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    Hi. My F1 stamp is valid until 2016. Recently my OPT Term got over and I had to visit back home for some work but right now I want to come back and I am out of status. So planning to join college. My concerns are -

    1) can I just take an I20 from some college and I94 at port of entry and reenter again or I have visit embassy again get a new stamp??

    2) If I am wrong, what would the procedure?

    3) what all documents required?

    4) will it be any issues ?

    I highly appriciate for your time and patience!! will be waiting for your response. Thanks

    This was posted on on 8th Sept 2013

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      I am looking for an answer on the same. Pls post a reply


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        No need for the VISA interview.. You can use the valid F1 VISA. Select a good Univ and get the i20 , just come down with a new SEVIS. It wont be a problem but choose a different masters program.


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          i think you need to get new visa stamp because visa will have university name in it. so if you want to join a different university you should have new visa. if you are planning to join the same university, then you have to ask them & they will guide you.