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  • H4 to F1 visa


    My wife is currently in H4 and we are planning to transfer to F1. She would get her admission by Oct 20th, 2013. Lets say we apply for transfer by Oct 25th for the spring 2014 classes (Jan 8th, 2014). What if she cannot get her transfer in time for spring 04. How would her tuition waiver and part time job affect? Lets say, if USCIS approves her F1 by Feb 04.... what start date they would put on new approved F1? Will it be spring 04 or summer 04?

    Help would be appreciated!!!

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      first apply for F1 transfer and even if the application is in process she can join as a student. Waiver and on campus jobs are related to university norms.


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        Hi I am currently on h4 visa,Studying my first sem . I have few questions . Is there any rule like a student should be on f1 for at least two sems to get OPT?. The second question is what is the process of converting to h4 like when is the right time to ask the i20 from my university for conversion. Currently as am on h4 visa am having the privileged of in-state tuition fee,so if as soon as my i20 is issued will that effect my tuition fee immediately or will it change after my status changes.