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Passport with F1 visa lost. Help needed.

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  • Passport with F1 visa lost. Help needed.

    I have lost my passport with F1 visa. I am applying for a duplicate one but am concerned about the visa stamping. I am planning to travel to India in May 2014, just before starting my CPT in the next sem (from June). So my I20 will indicate that I am on CPT. Would this CPT create an issue in getting visa? The duration of my program on I20 is 2 years, which clearly indicates that I have one sem of course work left after CPT.

    Please help.

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      If you are from GBC or any of the institue be careful... there are a lot of issues going when it comes to USCIS.... If possible to go to CANADA to get your F1 stampped...(Not a Legal advise, this is from my personal experience)