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Deferring admission due to 221g, will I need new F1?

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  • Deferring admission due to 221g, will I need new F1?


    My visa was issued on Aug 30, 2013 after 221g administrative processing. As my school's report date was Aug 26, I am forced to defer my admission. I have requested the school to issue a new i20 with same SEVIS number as on my fall 2013 I20. My Visa was issued after the reporting date i.e. Aug 26 and the consulate didn't ask for new I20, so I am taking it as a sign that I can use this Visa for entry into the US for Spring session. Should I be bothered about this? Should I reapply? Thanks !

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      As of I know you have to step into United States within five months


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        If it is taking you more than 5 months to come to US then you have to apply for a visa again..
        For eg., if ur school strts on jan 10th then the max date you can arrive here is 11th december ( ie., 30 days prior to strt date of school) and if you calculate the no of months from aug 30 till 11th dec and if does not goes upto 5months then no need to attend an intrvw again.. but if it crosses 5months thn u need to appear for a visa again..


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          People mentioned above are right ....if it is less than 5 months no need to attend visa interview Again


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            You are ok. Deferring from fall to spring is fine but if you defer from spring to fall then it can be an issue because that exceeds 5 months. Don't worry !