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Can I invite my parents for this my reception ceremony in USA? If yes, how can I do t

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  • Can I invite my parents for this my reception ceremony in USA? If yes, how can I do t

    I am doing my MIS, holding F1 visa. I am planning to get married and arrange a reception ceremony here in the USA. My question is
    -Can I invite my parents for this ceremony? if yes, how can I do that?
    one of my friend invited his parents as visitor. He just sent a letter saying, his parents wants to visit him. Shall I follow the same procedure? please advice.Thanks

    This was posted on on 27th August 2013

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    Get an invitation letter from your college, you might get it from the international students office, send it to your parents, rest of the procedure of visa interview will remain same.
    Common questions asked in the interview would be

    What university you go to, what course, have you applied for opt, how long they're planning to stay, what are your future plans, May be like view did you perform in your course, May be who is funding the trip, who funded your education etc. They should get a visa. It should not be any problem.


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      Yes, you can follow the same protocol. It is standard way.


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        You can call them as your friend did. If you are about to graduate you can send those documents and invite them


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          If you are doing your MIS , I believe you won't recieve a letter from your university as marriage is a personal thing and this is not for graduation. On VISA application keep " B2 " instead of "B1/B2 ". This is purely visitor VISA. Ask a letter from University regarding your enrollment in current semester. Also send them a marriage invitation ask them to print it and take. This should do. It will be very easy but its better to be prepared.