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How long one can I do full-time CPT?

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  • How long one can I do full-time CPT?

    I was told by lot of friends that if I do CPT more than 9 months I will not eligible for OPT. But I checked with USCIS and my school authorities, they said you can do CPT up to 11 months and 29 days that is approximately 1 year!!

    This was posted on on Aug 6th 2013

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    If u r on cpt for 1 year u wont be eligible to apply for opt. Ur cpt should be less than a year.


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      Anyone knows that if we can do cpt on the first semester? Or it depends on the school?


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        You can do 20 hrs part time CPT as much as you want if your major and CIS approves it, it doe not affect your OPT.
        But you can only do full time 40 hrs CPT less than a year, else you will lose the OPT.


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          You are eligible for applying for CPT if have completed 9 credit hours. You need get authorization for work under CPT For every semester. Your employer provides you the letter to get your CPT.
          You can work not more than 11months and 29 days. If you exceed this time period you ll be getting your opt for only 1 year and you will be not eligible for OPT extension later.


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            If you use cpt for 365 days or more then you will not get opt