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Which College gives CPT from Day-1 in these states?

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  • Which College gives CPT from Day-1 in these states?

    My OPT is expired last week, I need to change my status back to F1 withing 60 days. I am trying to find colleges in state of

    -North Carolina
    -Alabama or
    -Anywhere is South US

    that gives Full time CPT right from the start. Thank you!

    This was posted on on July 18th 2013

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    University of Delawarw


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      Ksi college skokie illinois


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        Yes Virginia uni is giving cpt from day one,
        KSI college in Illinois give cpt on day 1
        Sullivan uni in Kentucky gives cpt from second quater if ur doing second masters, and this university is also having a program called HYBRID program, it means u will have classes every 4 th week of Saturday in a month, ie in a quater u attend 3 classes.
        Guess it's helpful for u.


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          you'll get screwed in the future if you do that


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            to be more specific, you have to be in USA for atleast 9 months to get your 1st CPT.


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              Hi. Could you elaborate on how one can get screwed up by taking cpt from day 1.


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                According to Law, F-1 students are authorized to work in usa after a 1yr full time enrollment.


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                  Well ur in a very wrong perception, this universities particular universities fallowing HTIR guide lines, ur very safe to join and do ur masters but u have to fallow some rules, 1. In min of 2 course per quarter u have to enrol one live class 2. Try maintain a local address over there 3. 4. 5etc are same like all,
                  Plz don't guide people in wrong way if u don't knew any thing, ur not here to make confusion for them.
                  Try Virginia univ it also gives cpt from day 1.


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                    I am not here to argue with u, but plz don't miss leads, there are 9 universities in USA which are under HTIR program also called as work and study program, these universities allows students to work on there day one of college, u can legally work for full duration of ur course but end of the course u will not get opt, where's if u work 11 months any time of ur course duration, u will get opt as regular, and this program is fully legal and monitored by USCIS after the trivially university incident.


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                      Guyzz ... he is planning to do second masters ... remember that before commenting here ... You can start joining a college which gives CPT from 1st day as you anyways will not get OPT for second masters so then why bother ??

                      Anyways, My Suggestion will be join International Technological University in san jose for CPT. However, Based on your state selection i dont know which universities there actually give CPT from day 1.


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                        9 universities list plzzzzzz


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                          Is there any school in Massachusetts or Connecticut that allows CPT from Day 1 ? It will be my second MS. Please let me know.


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