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Does my Part Time CPT make me eligible for reduced course load?

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  • Does my Part Time CPT make me eligible for reduced course load?

    Hi friends, I need some help.I am currently on my CPT (full time) internship.
    -I want to extend this CPT in the upcoming fall semester and switch it to part-time,and continue my studies at university part-time as well. Is it possible? OR
    -Do I need to enroll full time in university,even if I am working part time CPT.

    In other words, does my part time CPT make me eligible for reduced course load?

    P.S. I have been on CPT full time for 1 month.

    This was posted on on july 16th 2013

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    what is the answer for this question?


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      Yes, If you are enrolled in part time CPT you can register for a minimum 3 credit hours.


      • #4 it can be minimum 3 and i can take it up to 6, if i want?


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          Yes, but just to be safe talk to your international advisor.


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            I'm not sure but if it's same for all universities, during Fall and Spring semesters if you are enrolled with subjects and also on CPT, you cannot work for more than 20 hours and you should have a minimum 5 credit hours enrolled to maintain F-1 status. It is similar to what graduate assistants do. If you are done with your coursework and are left only with thesis/research hours you can work on fulltime CPT but the same would be accounted for with your OPT. Moreover, if you continue on your CPT for an year continuously, you become ineligible to apply for OPT. Get all clarification from your DSO prior to deciding to be sure about anything...