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applying for OPT while on CPT

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  • applying for OPT while on CPT


    I am doing my final quarter now which will complete in Set 2013. Currently I am working as a Full time employer on CPT.
    My employer wants me to continue on OPT too. Can I apply for OPT now.
    if I apply now will my CPT be still active? Or
    should i wait till I complete my course, in this case I have to be without job till i get my EAD card..

    Please advice

    thank you

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    Posting date: July 11th


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      Since you are working on CPT fulltime, youcan apply for Post-completion OPT if you are graduating in coming 90 days, else pre-completion OPT can be done... Moreover, is you continue with your OPT post summer or you are on OPT prior to summer on fulltime (40 hours) then your time used on CPT will be compensated with your OPT...


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        You can apply for a pre-completion-OPT anytime & fix the OPT start date to the date your CPT ends. However, you cannot have your pre-completion-OPT or CPT beyond the i20 expiration date. Pre-completion-OPT can be maximum 1 year. If you want to further extend your pre-completion-OPT (17 months STEM) you need to finish your course & apply for extension, which can be regarded as a post-completion-OPT. In all, you can be on OPT for max. 12 + 17 = 29 months.


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          ur wrong if u take pre opt u won't get opt extension I'm pretty sure about it... One of my frnd is victim of ds unknown thing... Ds was happened last month itself...