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Special consideration from DSO for CPT

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  • Special consideration from DSO for CPT

    I got this offer from a company for CPT and then I go the international students office at my school to find out the details about applying for CPT and she tells me that, I'm not eligible for CPT because I haven't been a student at their university for two full terms. I'm actually a transfer student from another university where I did my Fall semester and then transferred to this university. That means I'm on student status for one full term even though not from the same university. But my DSO is very adamant on saying that it is the school policy that I have to be a student at their university for one whole year.
    So, my problem is. I'm left with 3 courses and if I don't get this CPT this fall, I'll graduate this december with absolutely no experience at all. Its always a plus to have some industry experience before you graduate so that it helps in getting a good job after graduation. And also, this company who is offering me CPT might keep me for full time.
    My question for you guys is, Can I go and make a special request to the DSO to consider my application for CPT. Will she do that?
    Have you guys heard of any cases where the DSO went against the rules and have done something like this.

    Kindly help!!

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    The DSO is involved in enrollment, change of major, change of school, practical training, visa extension, visa reinstatement, school completion, and school withdrawal processes concerning the foreign student. The DSO issues and signs all necessary SEVIS forms including form I-20. Every foreign student interacts with the DSO either directly or through the Admissions of Foreign Students office staff.So i would guess that Dso wont have the authority but still i think u can give a try


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      You can try to contact DSO but I dont think it will help cause i had the same situation last summer and couldnt go for cpt


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        No, as a DSO I would be angry if you tried that with me. Very rude... You are essentially asking a DSO to risk their job by asking them to blatantly break federal regulations. If their ICE agent caught them, they could be fired.