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  • Tax not with held in CPT

    I was given cheques by my employer and no payroll was run during the 3 months that i was on CPT doing my internship. NO TAX was with held when the cheques are given. How do i pay my taxes??? I worked in CALIFORNIA and my employer is registered in TEXAS. How long before i pay my taxes and file for tax returns?? Any help would be appreciated!!!!!

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        you should get a form called w2 from your employer he ran the payroll for texsas but you should pay california state tax which will be more .your employer is smart and paid you less


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          I guess he considered you as an independent contractor rather than an employer. In that case, you will be issued cheques instead without getting any tax deducted.
          Ask him if he employed you as an independent contractor. If so, you will be issued a 1099 misc form instead of a w2 form and you'll have to pay taxes yourself.


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            I am a international student on F1 status currently on my summer internship on my CPT - (curriculum practical training) . My employer has withheld a social security and medicare tax from my pay check. On research on the IRS website, it clearly mentions that F1 students on CPT are not eligible for this tax. I took it up with the accounting department and they said that they do it in good faith in case the company sponsors for my full time work Visa ( H1- b) in the future, they have to make later adjustments.(??)

            I am in a quandry because neither do I have a full time offer, nor am I going to work full time in the near future ( I have six months of school to finish after my internship) nor do I know which company I will eventually work full time even if I do decide to work in this country.

            I find it absurd to give away a part of my already small internship pay check in "good faith" for a mere possibiliity which is at least 9 months away. My employer said I could send them a mail asking not to hold back this amount and they would make the adjustments but I thought of legal counsel before I do so.

            Thank you for your time and advise.
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