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While on CPT-How many online courses can I take during each semester?

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  • While on CPT-How many online courses can I take during each semester?

    Hi Everyone,I am about to start my full time cpt and I am left with four courses. I am planning to do a full time cpt till may 2014(making sure the duration of cpt is less than 365 days). Can you please suggest how many online courses can I take each semester? My job location is in some other state than my university. So can I enroll in two online courses in fall 2013 and 2 online courses in spring 2014 and graduate in May 2014. Or should I take one online course each in fall 2013 and spring 2014 and take the remaining two in fall2014 and graduate in December 2014. Many thanks

    This was posted on on May 18th 2013

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    Hi..First you need to discuss with your DSO what's your scenerio. Your full time CPT means You have summer vacation and you can work part time or full time or while running your current semester and you have Full time CPT.?? Eventhough you have full time CPT you have to maintain your full time student F1 status.CPT is nothing but Curricular Practical Training in which you can work onlywhich relates to your study subjects.To maintain your F1 status you need to atleast take 3 classes(9 credits).In 3 classes you can take either 3 subjects IN CLASS or 2 regular and 1 online. You cannot take 2 online and 1 IN CLASS courses which breach of F1 status rule. However, some schools offer CPT as 1 course and you have to pay fees for that CPT course.So in that case you can take 1 In class and 1 online class along with CPT. In your case if you have 4 online courses then your school must have allow you to work with online courses. If you work 1 year on CPT then you will not get OPT (Even I am not sure but you can ask to your DSO). So I would suggest go and meet with your DSO, discuss your issue with him/her, try to get as much knowledge as you can about CPT/OPT and your F1 status. Also search on USCIS website because some schools have such a DUMB Dso who don't have idea about CPT things. Good Luck for your bright and successful career.


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      Some universities will not allow international students to take more than 1 online course per semester to maintain the visa status. pls confirm that with your university


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        you can do full time CPT mean part time student (max 2 class/less then 9 credits) or full time student (min 9 crdit/3 course) ad part time CPT (20 hours/week)... correct me if i m wrong .


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          You might not be aware but if you opt for full time CPT for 12 months continuously, you'll not be eligible to apply for OPT. Get sll clarifications fron ur DSO before making any decision. In such a scenario, a Pre-Completion OPT might be more beneicial.