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Can I do RA and CPT at same time?

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  • Can I do RA and CPT at same time?

    Hi,I would like to know if we can do RA and Internship (CPT) at the same time.I have an RA(20hrs) during Summer and have registered for 2 courses. And now i have received offer from another company offering internship, after i signed the RA offer acceptance letter. That's the reason I don't want to end my RA now.
    So is it possible to do both RA and Internship (CPT) during summer? Cheers

    This was posted on on May 6th 2013
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    in summer you can work 40 hours so, if you do 20 hour each or any break up totaling to 40 can do both. You should confirm it from your international services office.


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      you can work for 40 hours in summer, when you are not registering for the classes. If you are registered for the summer, officially and legally you cannot work beyond 20 hours..


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        yes you can. and if you are in last semester of your graduation that time also you can CPT and RA.


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          Yes, you can work for both of them and there is no limit of 40 hrs. You can work for any number of hours. Also cross check with ur Intl Adviser to make sure it is fine. Completion of 2 semesters is fine to start ur CPT.


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            Ask your DSO, it differs from university to university. Consulting them is always better.