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what to do GPA only 2.99 not eligible for opt and cpt

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  • what to do GPA only 2.99 not eligible for opt and cpt

    Hello desi opt, I would like to thank everyone for all the valuable suggestions. I am in a typical situation. I am graduating this may. In my before last semester i was having 3.33 GPA so i was planning to apply for Opt in the month of march so that i can get it on or before my graduation. but now everything has changed due to two c+ grades in last sem my cumulative GPA has fallen to 2.99 so, my university is not ready to file my opt not even cpt. they are saying me to wait until my graduation. For me only project left for this semester. if i apply for opt in May probably i may get it in july or august which i dont like. because I already wasted so much of time this is my second masters. I met my professors and advisor to change my grade to get 3.0 they are not interested. what should I do?? who else should I ask to change my grade. Please suggest me guys

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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (Jan 14th)


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        the only thing to do is take two more subjects in the next semister to get 3.0 gpa to apply for opt.if possible take the subjects in which you got c that the only thing you can do


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          Take just one extra subject and do best in it!! Get an A grade and you are good!! Regarding the opt you can apply in may and get in no time since you graduated already!! So don not rush for cpt.. Concentrate on the extra subject you take and do your best !


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            university cannot give cpt at 2.99 then uscis will question univ how did you give cpt for a student who was not even able to maintain 3 + gpa


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              Wait until you finish all your subjects/project to see final GPA if it is above 3.0 or 3.0 and then apply to OPT

              You can apply for you OPT upto 60 days later your grad date , that is the only option

              If you apply now and if your final GPA does not equal to 3.0 or above 3.0 , it will be a huge problem for you


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                There is no rule like that .. But applicant should meet school requirements ..


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                  giving cpt is completely in the hands of DSO my DSO told me when i asked I left the job because of that i had 2.89 left job and took 2 courses


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                    Ask around the campus for easy subjects and more about the professor who gives good grades, then request the professor that this is your situation, mostly there are few professors who are good in giving grades, but you need to invest more in the subjects.