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Got Visa on one SEVIS and need to enter US on a different SEVIS

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  • Got Visa on one SEVIS and need to enter US on a different SEVIS

    Hi guys, I have a weird situation. Ofcourse almost everyone who make posts here faces the weird ones.

    Coming to the point, I applied for H1 in 2014 and it was not picked up and so I had to join in a school "X" which offers CPT from day 1. I finished my 1st sem and came to India for visiting my family. I have also gone for the Visa renewal and luckily got the F1 for few more years for the second time. Now the thing is, due to some health issues I will not be able to attend the school this coming sem which starts from Jan 1st week and can only enter after feb last week. I requested for sem break and got a reply from my DSO saying that even though I am not feeling well, the chances for issuing my sem break are 50-50 and he said if they cannot issue sem break, they will generate a new SEVIS for allowing me to the next sem. If they issue sem break then everything will go fine but my question is, if they dont, then what would be my situation. I already got Visa for 3 more years on that particular SEVIS and School. If they generate a new SEVIS, can I use the same Visa to enter into US for the next sem or do I have to go for visa renewal one more time.

    Can I apply for a new school on the same SEVIS within this short period of time. I am not only looking for schools which offers CPT from day 1. I am also looking for schools where I can just maintain my status as a student as my employer is willing to apply for H1 this year and can offer me a job from Oct 1st.

    or is it better for me to stay in India until this Oct 1st and enter into the US after Oct 1st as my employer is even willing to apply for my H1 from India too.

    But the most preferred one for me is to enter into the US before Apr 1.

    If any one had experiences of my kind, please give me some suggestions. what would happen if that is the situation and what are the best options.
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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (Jan 6th)


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        Don't worry abt anything. It doesn't matter if u enter on a new sevis. But be prepared to answer y a new sevis (health issue). Keep a docs letter, just in case.


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          N yes u ve to be back before H1 application date. Good luck n get well soon


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            U can enter US on new sevis and no need to go for F1 visa renewal.


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              you can enter with new Sevis and old visa without any issues !


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                2 yes
                But remember one thing if u are out of country for more than 5 months u r f1 visa may not valid ( depends on poe officer )