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  • Traveling on CPT


    My H1 was not picked up this year. I went back to College and doing my second masters. I took CPT from day one. I have a valid visa till Aug 2105 and will be traveling to India in February 2015. What are all the documents I need for the things to go smoothly at port of entry. Any valuable suggestions and tips will be greatly appreciated.

    PS: San Francisco will be my port of entry.

    thank you

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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (Dec 16th)


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        hey can you please message me I am stuck in a similar situation and want to ask which school you applied which gives CPT from first day and some other stuff...please


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          You will need an i20 from your school, it's called a Travel i20 and allows reentry into US. I know about Sullivan University, they provide this travel i20 and give a 1 quarter break, BUT only after finishing 3 quarters at the college. My advice, try not to travel when you're in CPT. Also, when coming back, they might stop at the port of origin or port of entry, stating that your visa is valid for less than 6 months (assuming that you're leaving in February and coming back in March, and you mentioned that your visa is valid only till August). So, make a decision considering these factors, and also talk to your college's DSO about traveling outta the country and reentry into US.


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            Travel I-20, passport , visa and you don't need to tell them that you are working on CPT unless they ask !! And prepare a good explanation for why you are studying 2nd masters !!


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              Could you please message me the University name!


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                Am planning to take part-time CPT (20hrs/week). I'm planning to work with a consultancy for this. The consultancy guy told me that, I've to work 40hrs/week. And the payroll will be for 20hrs/week.(Hourly will be doubled and compromised to 20hrs. testking HIT-001 exam Hourly pay will be very high in this case.). I want to know if this will cause any trouble from immigration point view when I file of OPT and H1. Let me know whatever problems I might face if work 40hrs/week on part time CPT with payroll being run as 20hrs/week. Thanks in advance.