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  • Cpt - payroll issue


    I have a problem,

    Actually i am working as an Intern in a company, my actual work authorization period is from Aug 28th 2014. But today i received a paycheck and the pay period is from Aug 1 st to Aug 31st.

    my question is : 1. is that pay from the Aug 1 st, when i checked my employer, they said that they dont have the option to change the specified dates.

    2. If case, it is from Aug 28th .... then how would they pay 1000 dollars for two days ( only 28th and 29th) ?

    3. As i am on CPT, is this gonna create a serious problem ? If so whom would i need to contact ?

    4. Is there any way to solve this problem ?

    please help, i am really worried about this ..... please help me out.

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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (Sept 18th)


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        Once the payroll is run, you cannot do anything.. But its not a problem because you can omit the paycheck if requested by USCIS in the future.. If you want to receive $1000 in 2 days then take a 1099 meaning no taxes ..They directly will transfer the money to the account and year end they will give you a 1099 MISC form..


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          U need to get your paycheck dates changed. I have worked on payroll and what your employer is saying, is nothing but to save there money from the payroll companies! It can be changed. If u dont get it changed, it will be a problem incase someday sone query comes!


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            It is fine .. Not a problem .. U can say u got that money as starting bonus .. If it include hrs u might need to take a letter from u r employer as it was starting bonus ..