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Admission in ITU: Procedure and How to make sure that Stem OPT is valid till Aug

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  • Admission in ITU: Procedure and How to make sure that Stem OPT is valid till Aug

    My OPT Stem is going to expire in Nov , but my present contract expires in Aug and I have been unable to find a new job as of now. So, as a backup plan, I want to take admission in ITU so that I don't remain unemployed during reminder portion of OPT ( I still have 60 days of unemployment left on Stem OPT). So, I have submitted my application and I am in the process of gathering remaining documents.

    1. If I get admission decision by end of July and ITU offers me admission, can I work at my present job till Aug or will OPT Stem automatically get cancelled as soon my I-20 gets transferred rendering me ineligible to work till Aug end ? Any way to make sure that I can work at my present job till it gets over and after that my status changes to student studying at ITU ?

    2. ITU requires WES evaluation of the Bachelor transcript. I told them that my university back in India had a GPA system, and I also have a MS degree from US. But they are very insistent on WES evaluation. So I have submitted my docs to WES and they will be able to send documents before deadline of 15th July. But, in case it gets delayed, is there any chance that I can get ITU to drop this requirement ?

    3. They also require a new TOEFL score. I told them that I have studied in US for 2 years and then worked in US for 2 years but they again are very insistent on receiving latest TOEFL score. The latest date that I can get now is July 11th and the likelihood of ITU receiving TOEFL score by July 15th is very slim. Any suggestions for this ? I am thinking of submitting LOR from my manager stating that I have excellent English communication skills. My previous TOEFL score (2010) was 116/120

    4. Also, if I get admission in ITU , will they generate a new I20 for me or will they transfer the previous I20 sevis to new one ? How do I make sure that they dont screw up this basic thing ?

    Looking forward to haring back from the experts.

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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (July 3rd)


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        1. Your work authorization will be cancelled as soon as your SEVIS transferred from your current school.
        4. If you apply SEVIS transfer and your SEVIS is active the. New school use your existing SEVIS. New schools will generate I20 with new SEVIS only if your status is not active in most of the cases. Again this can change from each school.

        Good luck


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          1 once transfer is done u r opt is gone ..


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            Never go to ITU


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              What's wrong with ITU