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CPT - help me out please!!

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  • CPT - help me out please!!

    Dear DesiOPT please help!!!!!

    Does companies, I mean if we choose to go for consultancies before graduating means as a CPT.

    Then does the companies allow the students/ employee to use the project he worked for as a Project for his Graduate Degree.

    in my case, the project is required for getting the degree, but it doesn't count in the GPA. its just pass/fail.

    please help me, I am thinking of joining the consultancy for CPT and doing the project. please help me by giving your suggestions to me as comments.

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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (April 24th)


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        Your graduate would be the one to decide on this. If he is okay you can do cpt project as your regular project.


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          1. Depends on your manager and also depends on company norms
          2. Write a formal email to manager to use the slice of project as project for colz


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            Ask you manager it depends upon company norms as said


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              It solely depends on the company and your manager. If they are fine with you using the company results for your project, it should be fine. Many times the company need not allow you. Also at the end of your internship might get a bond or letter signed to keep the data you worked on confidential. Be sure before taking a decision.