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  • Worked after CPT expired

    I am really worried and concerned and would really appreciate if you all can help me by giving suggestions. I know you guys are doing a wonderful and phenomenal job in helping students.

    I had CPT for fall 2012. The date on my CPT form was from 18 august 2012 - 18 december 2012. But since my internship was supposed to be extended in spring 2013 I asked my school international officer that how can I work in the winter break i.e after 18th december 2012 - 18 january 2013 (since on 18 january my spring sem start and I can apply for 2nd CPT). The officer said I just need to inform him and he will inform USCIS.
    But unfortunately I forgot to tell him, and when I was applying for spring 13 CPT he asked if I worked in the winter break. I told him no, and he said if you worked it will be a problem for you, if you apply for 2nd CPT. I got tensed and told him, I did not work and next day told him that I am not applying for CPT. Unfortunately, I had to leave my job as well.

    Will it be a problem in the future when I apply for OPT? WIll ever USCIS get to know that I worked and my payroll was run?
    Have I done the right thing by not applying for 2nd CPT and leaving the job?

    This was posted on on February 1st 2013

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    I have just one question to people who post here... Doesn't your university have International students and scholars office??? They are being paid for answering these questions.. Don't trust people who comment here. It is always better you have someone knowledgeable answer these stuffs.. Dont play with your life...


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      Hello Shashank- Great point. DSO is always your first point of contact. Questions can be posted here to hear suggestion from other readers who have faced similar situation and share experiences.


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        I agree with Shashank. But, incase if you come across any issue during your OPT, you can claim saying it was your benefit money you got.


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          I understand.. It is ok to ask people who have similar experiences on general situations which many would generally experience.. ..But the above said situation fall under special cases and are not general.. Anything that goes wrong in CPT or OPT definitely needs expert guidance.. Hence told so...


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            Rightfully said shashank


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              Also, you can talk to an attorney. Please refer to question 6 at


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                I know that students can use their OPT before graduation.