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Do you need CPT to file H1B? Yes or No?

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  • Do you need CPT to file H1B? Yes or No?

    This is avinash I have finished my masters in 2009 from university of Illinois. later took full time with wipro. last year wipro filed my H1b and it got rejected due to improper paperwork on roles and responsibilities. and I have joined a college immediately and now I am planning to file my H1b this year again. do I have to have CPT by the time I file my H1b or can I file my H1b on f1 status?

    This was posted on on February 6th 2013

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    As per our understanding you don't need CPT to file H1B, you can directly file H1B from F1 visa. Readers, please share your thoughts


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      There were several posts on CPT at Wall - Please read them to get an understanding about CPT


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        Hi avinash , as per rules you dont need CPT , but to file h1 you need a project ,for that you need a work permit so you need to take cpt and start working , then any employer can file h1 ,if you still have any questions MSG me


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          Sujith Kumar We appreciate for sharing your thoughts but please use this post for further discussion as other people in the same boat get benefited. Avinash, if possible, please ask your follow up questions here