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CPT- A right or privilege for international student?

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  • CPT- A right or privilege for international student?

    I have a question regarding CPT

    I am from Arizona State University. In my University all the departments of engineering are approving CPT where as my department (Aerospace) doesn't approve CPT. The reason they state is that Internship is not a compulsory course under the curriculum. But during my initial plan of study submitted to International Office I have put in Internship as a coursework and got the same approved both from my department and also the International office. Now the department says even if I have enrolled into internship they cannot approve CPT instead I have to apply for pre-OPT.

    My question is, CPT is a right of international student or not?
    Does the department has any right of not approving CPT? Also this was a decision taken just 20 days ago which hasn't given studetns much chance to apply for pre_OPT before hand.

    Please advice the course of action to be taken. Thank you for your time.

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    Your question was posted as Anonymous on FB wall- March 8th


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      1 student have no ryt regarding CPT ..
      2 yes they do ..


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        Here's the thing:

        As an international student, you can apply for CPT after spending 2 semesters as a full time student (Start in fall ==> eligible for CPT in the next summer.)

        The place where you do your internship/ field has to be related to your field/ industry/ course. If that's taken care, then I don't see why you cannot get a CPT approval.


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          Its very important to understand that CPT is something that is completely handled by individual university. They will have their own rules for approving CPT. Its not like OPT which is taken care by USCIS. Having said that, university can set any criteria for granting CPT and if you don't fit in that criteria, you can't have it. So its its a right only if it is granted. I guess I already answered your second question. Unfortunately yes. All the best


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            1. You have a right to apply, but approval is not in your hand 2. Yes


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              Cpt is just a privilege n helpful to u if use it wisely.