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How is the job sector in Computer Science on CPT?

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  • How is the job sector in Computer Science on CPT?

    If i want to do cpt in computer science, what kind of courses should i take in first academic year ? and what would be the job sector for cpt in computer science ? give me some example about cpt job for computer science ?

    This was posted on on February 7th 2013

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    In general job prospects for Computer science major are good. You can attend upcoming career session conducted by DesiOPT on Feb 23rd, wherein you can get more information.


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      He strictly has to follow school carriculum if its master or bachelor.
      Incase if he is doing bachelor he has to take all the pre req or GE class first as per school's carriculum. GE class include (english maths bio psy sociology....blah..blah..blah). Every school has his own carriculum designed & once hve to follow the same he can not directly tk d class related to cpt in first sem. Once he satisfied GE requirement school usually first offer basic programming classes like java programming or VB programming... As i said It really depand on school ... So its better to follow or take advice of the CS department or go to ur acdemic adviser even incase of masters or bachelor


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        Job sec : i m struggling to get d cpt as well so if u dont hve exp is little tuff to get in to d market.. Cz most of d comapy sicks experience n knowledge in different languagge which as school u wont be able to learn everything at same time cz we follow school carriculum we have limitation . So i m reviewing and tking thoughts of frnds to approch consultant , go for free training n get on track.