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I will lose my CPT

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  • I will lose my CPT

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    I got a project, but because of Thanksgiving holiday my prof took early leave so I am unable to do my CPT documentation work.

    -My joining date is Dec 2nd and if I don't confirm the date I have to lose the project.
    -I am expecting to get the new I20 Dec 6th.

    1. In that case is there any way that I can join on Dec 2 without authorization?
    2. Is there any way that I can start CPT 3-4 days early before my I20 is valid?
    3. Even I am ready to do unpaid before my authorization. Plz tell me what should I do in that case

    This was posted on on 26th November 2013

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    Try requesting your employer or your professor. But it is not safe to work even unpaid


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      1 it is illegal .. up to u and u r employer to chose to use this path ..
      2 nope ..
      3 unpaid also illegal ..

      if u can change u r start date or change u r CPT start date ..


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        Talk to your school international office . For unpaid intern you don't need work authorization but do need to register some course. It depends on university and international office


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          Try to get extension for joining date citing reasons of thanksgiving vacation issues. Thanksgiving is a genuine reason every employer respects. It is recommended to start project on a fresh I-20. Good Luck !