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Final semester CPT rejected, can i apply for pre opt?

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  • Final semester CPT rejected, can i apply for pre opt?


    I am currently in my third semester and have an internship offer for my last semester i.e. spring 2014 ( will be left with 1 course to complete my degree) but the internship is outside the state and as per my univ rules i need to take an in-person class in my last semester which isn't possible according to them. I told I can fly back every friday to attend my class and they haven't responded well. They just asked me to go ahead and apply and see what happens. ( they were pretty sure I wouldn't meet the cpt requirements ) So What if I apply for cpt and get rejected ? Can i apply for pre opt after my cpt is rejected ? Also, please let me know what other options do i have? I really don't want to miss this opportunity. Thanks in advance.

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      if you can show them at least a month worth of flight tickets ..they might trust u r words ..
      2 yes talk to u r dso ..


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        1. As show them flight tickets, they can trust you. Even though if it is rejected there is nothing to feel bad about it. It doesn't show any affect.
        2. Pre OPT can be applied
        3. Those are the only possible options. CPT and PRe OPT


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          Not*** have mentioned "out of state" intern


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            CPT or Pre-completion OPT can only be applied if you have all your coursework done and are left only with thesis hours. As you said since ur university does not allow this. I do not see any option left at this front.

            The possible option can be if your university offers any courses during the Winter break and for 3 credit hours. You can enroll for that and complete your coursework requirements. This would make you eligible for both CPT and pre-completion OPT.


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              I finished all my courses. and left with 6 credits of capstone project..... so I was not eligible for cpt.. had to apply for pre-opt.. which I did.. .. waiting for it now