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Day1 CPT program to choose for Quality

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  • Day1 CPT program to choose for Quality

    Hi Guys,

    I am looking for Day1 CPT programmes. My first Masters was in Engineering and Operations Management. Basically comes under Industrial Engineering. I don't know which Programme I should take since I work as a Quality Engineer (Suits my 1st Masters) and all DAY1 CPT programmes are either MBA or Computer Science.

    Any Suggestions or Similar Experiences? I don't have much time to apply for Day1 CPT. So please let me know.

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      When selecting a Day 1 CPT program for quality, it is advisable to consider programs that offer courses and practical training related to quality management. Look for programs that cover topics such as quality control, process improvement, and product testing. Additionally, ensure that the program is accredited and recognized by relevant industry bodies or organizations. This will help validate the quality of the education you receive and increase your chances of career success in the field of quality management. I recommend choosing the CPTDog program for Quality in Day 1 CPT. It offers excellent training and resources that will benefit your career development.