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Can I work for same employer on CPT and OPT? Does it called CPT Bridging?

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  • Can I work for same employer on CPT and OPT? Does it called CPT Bridging?

    Hello all,

    Currently I am on F-1 visa doing my last semester with only 1 course. I got a job offer from a company but they wanted me to start immediately. Initially I thought of working on CPT during school and then turn it in to OPT after graduation. But recently I heard that this is called CPT bridging (working for same employer in OPT following with CPT) and it has severe consequences such as termination of visa status or may find some problems during OPT extension and H-1B processing. Does anyone knows about this or faced such kind of problems?

    Thank you in advance DesiOPT!

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      You cannot work fulltime on CPT if your coursework is not complete. However, if you are only left with thesis hours you can work fulltime on CPT. One of my friends too was in the similar situation. Since he had completed his coursework, he was eligible to work on CPT fulltime for one semester, completed his thesis and later started working with an approved OPT..


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        there is no such ting called CPT bridging .. u can work for same employer on CPT and OPT provided both CPT and OPT meet their requirements ..


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          You can work with the same employer on CPT and OPT. I did the same thing and I got my H1 B approved this year.But should be careful on OPT start date after you end your CPT should start working again when you get your OPT card.


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            Is there any restriction on how many hours we can work in Pre-Completion Opt? Can I work more than 40 hours week? I heard that this will effect in H1 visa processing.. (Plz inbox me or here) Thanks..


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