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Dates mismatch between i20 and E-verify

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  • Dates mismatch between i20 and E-verify


    During my internship in the summer of 2019, while filling out the e-verify, I made a typo which resulted in the work end date being entered as August 20th 2019. My actual work end date was August 2nd 2019. There was a stall/slight delay in processing my paperwork as a result. So the HR tried to rectify dates in the e-verify form. HR was unable to do so, so the form was processed with the wrong end date. The HR then mentioned that the form was verified/approved by DHS and I would not have any issues. I had some questions regarding this situation and if there are any possible consequences,and how to proceed further.

    The i20 lists correct start/end dates for work authorization. Since DHS processed it with the typo (August 20th) , would it create any issues in the future when going for a full time job or while applying for my OPT?

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