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  • CPT for Spring 2014

    Hi I'm planning to go for CPT in Spring 2014 by applying on the internet but there seem to be a very few spring internships on the internet. So, I'm also applying for full time positions that start in spring too. I still have 1 course left to be taken in Spring 2014. I have the following plans :

    Plan 1: To take the course while doing the job and after I'm done with the course I'd like to change from CPT to OPT .
    Plan 2: To do CPT for about 11 months and then coming back and joining college to finish the course and then convert to OPT.

    My concerns are would the company know If I am on CPT or OPT ? (Because most full-time jobs expect a person to be graduate already)
    Another concern is if Plan 1 is feasible? If so would it be called a Co-op ? and can I do 40 hours even after registering to the class ?

    Help would be appreciated.

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      Please find Curricular Practical Training Guidelines


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        Full Time CPT: More than 20 hours per week. May work full time during holidays or school vacation. You need not be enrolled in classes.


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          CPT During Last Semester: It depends on your Department and School policies. To work Part Time on CPT, some schools require student to be enrolled Full Time, while others allow for CPT as long as student is enrolled in 1-2 classes. Hence check with your DSO prior to applying for CPT.


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            CPT Vs. OPT