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Hello Everyone, Choosing an Employer would be a big decision in your life. For [/SIZE][/COLOR]people who are graduating, everyone have a confusion to go for a full time or consulting and what stream to decide. I was in your shoes when I graduated. I will help guide you through and you can decide what works in you situation. Let me go through the rules provided by USCIS.

[COLOR=#0000ff][B]Definitions[/B][/COLOR]: Before going in deep let me define the terms Employer, Employee, Vendor, Prime Vendor, and Client[COLOR=#0000ff].[/COLOR]

[B]Employer[/B] is the person for whom you re working for and the one who is running your pay check.
[B]Employee[/B]: You are an employee for the person who is working for your employer
[B]Vendor[/B]: Vendor is the term who exists into existence in consulting and he is the one through which you are placed.
[B]Prime Vendor[/B]: If there exists multiple vendors in between your employer and client and the one directly connected to client is called Prime Vendor
[B]Client[/B]: The company for which where you are working through your employer.
[B]Implementer[/B]: It is the company who is actually taking care of your client’s project. Say Delloite is taking care of OBAMA Care project. Delloite Is implementer.

[B]Let me give you an example[/B]
Mr. Raju is an employee in OPT and joined a consulting firm Desi consulting firm. When his marketing started, he got a phone call from Amego consulting firm that we have a position at US Steel in Pittsburg; you completed the interview and got a job then

Raju: Employee of Desi Consulting Firm
Vendor/Prime Vendor: In this case both are same and its Amego Consulting
Client: US Steel is Client
Employer: Desi Consuting firm is your Employer

[COLOR=#0000ff][B]Key OPT Rules to remember[/B][/COLOR][LIST][*]You should not be unemployed for more than 90 days in OPT after the start date of your Initial OPT[*]You can work voluntarily for your employer (without pay) during Initial OPT but During STEM Extension OPT you have to work for money (means you need to have payroll)[*]Report to your DSO/University that you got a job as soon as possible after you secure a job (For Consulting students: As soon as you are into consulting you are treated as employed)[*]If your OPT has not started and you joined a consulting firm, wait for the date when your OPT starts.[*]Your job must be related to the field you graduated.[*]You can apply your STEM extension after the day your Initial OPT got accepted and before your OPT expiration date. Make sure that you apply stem extension before 120 days of your extension[/LIST]

[B]Full Time Vs. Consulting[/B]

[COLOR=#0000ff][B]Full Time- Pros and Cons[/B][/COLOR][LIST][*]As with the OPT Rules, you should get a job within 90 days after the start of your OPT date.[*]The salary which you receive every month would be low when compared to contracting.[*]You will be stable and there will be no pressure on you.[*]If you quit your full time job again 90 days unemployment rules comes into act. So make sure you take right decision before you go for full time.[*]You should be in a stage to clear your interview to get a full time.[*]The [U]most important thing is your full time job should sponsor you H1[/U] as individuals cannot file H1. So make sure you confirm this with employer (If you get a job through HCL, HCL is your employer. If you join consulting firm, that firm is your employer).[*]If everything goes well, you are in good hands. H1B stamping will be cool.[*]If you get married, this money would be low to run a family, if you get an unemployed spouse.[/LIST]

[/FONT]OPT/CPT Blast Resume to 2500+ employers [/SIZE]
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[COLOR=#0000ff][B]Consulting Pros and Cons:[/B][/COLOR]Similarly, consulting has pros and cons.
[B]Pros [/B][LIST][*]Your status will be protected by firm[*]Your salary would be high when compared to full time[*]You can go places[*]H1 is sponsored for sure by your employer[*]GC also can be sponsored[*]If you face any issues, firm takes care of it[/LIST]
[B]Cons [/B][LIST][*]You can stay in bench for a while (Depends on Luck)[*]You have to move frequently depending on the length of the project[*]Salary depends on the stream you decide and Vendors between your employer and client[/LIST]

Again choosing a consultancy would be again a big decision in your life. [B][COLOR=#b22222]Before joining in any firm ask following 8 questions[/COLOR][/B]

1. What is the % split? Generally 70-30 will be for Fresher’s.
2. Do you do H1 next year for 2016 FY?
3. Do you sponsor GC?
4. When will you decrease my %? like 80-20, 90-10? What is the duration?
5. Do you have experienced trainers?
6. Do you reply if I get any RFE?
7. Are you going to run payroll when I sit on bench (Make sure that it’s an Yes)
8.Find employers rank in myvisajobs.com by typing the employer name in the search box. Anything below 1000 would be outstanding.

Experience shared by Viswa. To contact author please message DesiOPT Facebook page.

[/FONT]OPT/CPT Blast Resume to 2500+ employers [/SIZE]