[SIZE=4]Did you receive OPT RFE from NSC center? "Report an Issue" in NAFSA's IssueNet[/SIZE][B][SIZE=4][FONT=comic sans ms]

[/FONT][/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2][FONT=comic sans ms]NAFSA Follows Up With NSC On Question Of Unpaid Internships And OPT: [/FONT][/SIZE][FONT=comic sans ms]NAFSA ([/FONT][FONT=comic sans ms][COLOR=#363636]National Association of Foreign Student Advisers) [/COLOR][/FONT][FONT=comic sans ms]has received reports that the Nebraska Service Center (NSC) has denied some STEM OPT extension applications based on a finding that periods of unpaid internship or volunteer activity during standard post-completion OPT do not constitute "employment" for purposes of complying with the 90-day limit on unemployment.
[FONT=comic sans ms]The Student and Exchange Visitor Program's (SEVP) April 23, 2010 OPT policy guidance, however, states that unpaid internships and volunteer work can satisfy the OPT employment requirement, as long as that activity does not violate any labor laws (such as the Fair Labor Standards Act).[/FONT]

[FONT=comic sans ms]NAFSA and the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) are following up with USCIS and SEVP on this issue. If you receive such a decision or RFE from the NSC, please let us know through "Report an Issue" in NAFSA's IssueNet

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