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Texas Tech University is located in Lubbock. Its a university town with all kind of basic amenities. It's 5 hour drive from Dallas and 6 hour from Austin. Lubbock's airport is about 8miles from TTU. Weather conditions are extreme and unpredictable and is little different compared to rest of Texas. Cost of living will be around 325 to 600$ depending on place of stay and person. Transportation is good to commute to university. Its not that great to rest of the city.

[B]Campus life: [/B]TTU has wonderful, large and diverse campus. Lots of events happen on campus every and will be free for all the students. We have huge library which is open 24 hrs for 5 days a week and 12 hrs on weekends. Football games are amazing to watch and they create a festive environment. Its completely free.

Educational system is different compared to India. Its more practical and create must work situations to all students unlike Indian universituies.

[B]Assistant ship, Funding options and on-campus job opportunities: [/B]
Good assistantship opportunities for students into MIS and Computer Science.
Funding: CS - No
IE - Depends on the students profile
MIS- Depends on the students profile
EE - Default Instate
Mech- Depends on the students profile
Civli - No
Biotech - Depends on the students profile

[B]GRE and Toefl:[/B]
Minimum of 300 for all branches, some need more higher scores. Petroleum and chemical needs 315+.
Toefl 90-95 min, 100+ for chemical and petroleum

[B]Very good for petroleum, chemical and electrical.[/B]

Computer science is not that great according to currents students. Rest all are pretty decent.

[B]How to contact ISA?[/B] We request you to contact ISA through our Facebook page or email committee members.

Our emails can be found on the following page:

[B]Profile Evaluation:[/B] For profile evaluation, we suggest to post it on our Facebook group.

Read More : http://www.ttu.edu/

OPT/CPT Blast Resume to 2500+ employers[/SIZE][/FONT]