[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][B]1. About your university/City[/B]

San José State has a strong and unique sense of place, both physical and virtual, with modern learning spaces, gathering places and technology infrastructure. We create a welcoming, vibrant and safe environment that fosters a sense of belonging and Spartan pride. SJSU is an innovative, engaged learning community committed to preparing students with adaptive skills and knowledge for a global 21st century. Unbounded learning is facilitated by highly regarded faculty members actively engaging with students to provide a wide range of access to and delivery of learning content through in- and out-of-the classroom experiences.
San José State University is a major, comprehensive public university located in the heart of Silicon Valley. As the oldest state university in California, SJSU is a distinct blend of the traditional and the innovative. SJSU is firmly committed to teaching and learning, as well as offering access to higher education, yielding a stimulating mix of age groups, cultures and economic background
San José State is conveniently located on 154 acres in downtown San José, midway between San Francisco and the Monterey/Carmel area at the sunny southern end of San Francisco Bay, and is easily accessible from area freeways.

2. [B]Campus life [/B]

[U]Athletics, Recreation & Fitness [/U]Looking for ways to stay healthy and active? SJSU offers a variety of facilities where you can work out, and plenty of opportunities to have fun and stay fit with other Spartans through group fitness classes, intramural sports and outdoor adventures.
[U]Arts, Culture & Entertainment [/U]
Arts and culture are a vital part of the campus community. SJSU? s wealth of talent and diversity means there is almost always a performance, recital or cultural event for you to attend.
[U]Student Activities & Community Service[/U]
Explore among hundreds of opportunities to get involved. Join a club, take part in an activity or give back to the community. The relationships you build and experiences you have will last a lifetime. Need help finding the opportunity that suits you or starting a group of your own? SJSU student involvement can help.
University life presents plenty of opportunities and challenges. From career options to commuting, SJSU offers support services to help you succeed and enjoy all the campus has to offer

[B]3. How is education system different than India?[/B]

The diversity in the classroom here is quite an experience in itself. Education in India lacked the kind of diversity Owen offers and student can find it as a welcome breath of fresh air. It really opens your eyes to the challenges of working in a global environment.
[U]In the Classroom[/U]
The classes here are very immersive. Most professors spend less time lecturing and more time illustrating principles with sound examples. Class is also made livelier with presentations, movies, product demonstrations and personal anecdotes.
Grades are not given the absolute number one priority. While they are important, it is also important to do other things outside of courses, such as participating in case competitions, picking up a foreign language, learning more about a new sport or listening to country music.
Out-of-class assignments take up quite some time, especially group assignments. Working in teams is challenging due to diverse teams with people having different points of view and having different levels of communication skills.
[U]Using the internet[/U]
Almost everything is done online. Assignments are submitted online, rooms are reserved online, jobs and grades are posted online.
[U]Class Size[/U]
Class sizes are generally small and typically range from 30-50 students. In some elective classes I have had instances where fewer than 10 students are in a class. In Engineering you can find around 70 students in class but then kind of lecture has been taken under large auditorium.
[U]Custom Learning[/U]
The opportunity to customize your Masters. It is interesting to see the number of options in terms of electives that can be taken to concentrate in a particular field. Plus, due to the limited amount of time spent in the classroom there are ample opportunities to pursue internships or independent study projects.
[U]Leadership opportunities[/U]
There are a tremendous number of clubs you can be associated with at Vanderbilt. Because of the small class sizes and varied interests it is incredibly easy to attain leadership positions. Indian student organization is one of the on campus student organization.

[B]4. Assistant ship and on-campus job opportunities in your school [/B]

San Jose State offers a number of opportunities for individuals seeking employment within or outside the university. Whether you are a member of the community looking for your next career move or a student interested in a part-time job, you will find several resources available through SJSU to help with your professional journey.

The university does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ***, ***ual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, age, disability, disabled veteran's or Vietnam veteran's status. This policy applies to all San Jose State student and staff programs and activities.

Plenty of opening for SA and RA positions. SJSU also offers on campus job in cafeteria, library, student union, student housing, computer center, IT depart and much more.

[B]5. Preferred Programs and GRE/TOEFL scores requirements [/B]

GRE:305 or more
TOEFL: 85 or more

Please check http://www.sjsu.edu/gape/prospective..._requirements/ before you apply, the score may very each time.

[B]6. Advise to prospective students before considering your university[/B]

Be strong core undergrad subject that will help you a lot during your Masters

[B]7. How to contact your ISA?[/B]

http://isosjsu.org/new/ is the main website of Indian student organization in SJSU. Go to the specific year team list. You can get email id of team member.

This is official url of SJSU students organization for ISO SJSU. You can find contact detail from there also.

Facebook page

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