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Thread: Applying my H1

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    Applying my H1

    I am applying my H1 this time. I am currently on STEMOPT which is going to expire on Feb 2019. I have to travel compulsory outside of usa in May 2017 and i will be back in June 2017.

    Will my H1 application be process? Will i have any other issues while returning back to USA on my F1?

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    If h1b is approved before june
    You need to go for stamping and come (regarding woking until sept 30 not sure on that)
    If h1b is still pending at that time
    Your i94 changes there is a posibility for denial (high chances)
    If h1b is pending wait for the final result if approved travel on h1b or else travel on stem opt

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    Good answer.

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    Really?Are you sure?

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