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Thread: My last chance for H1B I am worried

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    My last chance for H1B I am worried

    I need some help in understanding how appeal works. My H1B got denied last December for specialty occupation and level 1 wage. So we got a client letter from my manager saying my job requires masters degree and they stated my job includes complicated tasks and filed appeal/MTR. My questions are what are the possibilities of getting my H1B approved? Generally how long uscis takes to process appeals/MTR?
    This year is going to be my last chance for H1B i am worried if i had to stay at same job or change? Please suggest.

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    change the job, people are exploiting international talent by hiring them on cheap if you have experience move elsewhere, where they pay you for your skill. I hope there was a law which forced companies to pay market average but there isnt.and these companies are hiring 2 people on one persons payroll

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    if you have a specialty job you must be paid 75k+ payroll with all benefits apparently your company doesn't seem to bother even if you didn't get h1. No point in staying in such a place which exploits people without paying them

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    Motion to reopen can take 6 months to 18 months.

    Based on your application as prog analyst and level 1 the chances are slim.

    They can apply for another h1b this year as software developer with level 2 wages.

    Again its based on ur education and other experience.

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