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Thread: Lost my passport

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    Lost my passport

    Hi I am working for EY in Newyork. Last year I lost my passport which had my F1 visa stamp and have never traveled to India ever since I came here in Aug 2015. Now that I am on opt and wanted to visit India I wanted some guidance on the reissue of the F1 visa to enter US, would it be safe to travel now. My firm has started the documentation for H1B visa but by the time I know the results that would be october next year at the earliest.
    I have all the required documents like scanned copy of my old visa ( still valid), offer letter, pay stubs. police report etc.

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    I don't want to scare you, but you can be in a trouble. If H1B process has started, you need to provide your lost passport and visa details which will change once you get new visa. This will be a conflict during H1B processing. I suggest you get a visa stamp on new passport and then initiate H1B process. Please note that F1 visa interview will be similar to the first one and there is no guarantee that you would be given one. Good luck.

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