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Thread: What is useful advise/suggestions to obtain second F-1 VISA for Second Master's Program in Same Institution (USA)

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    What is useful advise/suggestions to obtain second F-1 VISA for Second Master's Program in Same Institution (USA)

    Hello All,

    I needed your suggestion regarding reapplication for an F-1 VISA for second master's program following departing US due to out of status(reinstatment pending status) without any unlawful presence or overstay.

    I went out of status during spring 2017 because I was enrolled into online courses only and was awaiting for my CPT approval from my campus career center as it was my last semester and CPT was considered as face to face course as per university requirements. As I did not get my CPT approval from Career Center within the registered deadline, DSO had to terminate my status.

    Immediately on advise of DSO i got a letter from campus career center director explaining their fault and filed for reinstatement on Feb 28th 2017 with USCIS. I, then differed my graduation by one semester and continued to be a full-time student at the same school.
    As I had completed all my credits for the given program I was asked to apply for graduation in summer 2017. To note, I still hadn't heard anything from USCIS despite filing for multiple expedition requests.

    I received an admit from the same school for another master's program. I, therefore decided to graduate in summer 2017 and depart US eventhough my application petition for Change of status with USCIS was still pending and apply for a new F-1 VISA from india.


    After I returned to india I completed all the procedure to apply for another F-1 VISA and was selected for Dropbox interview waiver program. However I was called to the consular office for an interview. I had my interview with consular office yesterday in Chennai. This is how my interview went.

    VO: Could you please pass on your docs?
    Me: Good Afternoon officer.(passed in all my docs - Passport, blue form and sevis receipt)
    VO: Looks like your status was terminated?, I mean what happened there? When was it terminated?
    Me: Officer, it was terminated on Feb 8th, 2017 and I applied for reinstatement on the advise of DSO on Feb 28th 2017.
    VO: I need to see proof that you were in a valid status untill you departed US on Oct 11th 2017.
    Me: Sure. (passed all the docs included USCIS recipt and USCIS abandonment decision regarding my reinstatement.
    VO: (She took my docs and went around and spoke to different colleagues and came back and started typing on her computer)
    VO: Why do you want to do second masters? YOu have already finished your first one. Why do you need to go back?
    Me: I explained to her that I wanted to focus on specialized area as an extension from my first master's program and that this program allows a wide opportunity to select courses from all the concentrations offered in my business school.
    VO: I'm sorry you do not comply with all the rules for non-immigrant VISA and hence I cannot grant you a VISA at this time. This is my final decision.
    Me: Can I re-apply again?
    VO: Sure. You are welcome to.

    I would like to understand my chances of getting my VISA approved if I re-apply again for my second master's program or is it going to be really tough?

    I would highly appreciate your comments/suggestions below which I really in need of right now.

    Thanking you all in advance.

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    I have been through similar situation and can help you
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    Thanks for asking. I feel like this community is useful! But I think that I need to call attorneys for a free advice.

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    On a more practical note. I would doubt you getting a f-1 visa again. Going back again to pursue a master’s seems desperate enough to convince the vo that you are in contradiction to your said reasons. The US system for non immigrants especially f-1 too rigid and with lots of flaws. I would suggest waiting for your reinstatement. Dm me if you have any questions.

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    Reinstatement application must have been cancelled once you exit the country.. isn't it..?? I guess, he has to reapply fr reinstatement.. (oh wait, USCIS abandoned his reinstatement..??)

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