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Thread: travel to india when on F1 with CPT

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    travel to india when on F1 with CPT

    i will be joining Goldey beacom college and i want to know if someone has travelled to India without any problem.
    Is it safe to travel on F1 and when you have your CPT also from day one. Please i need help in this regard, i really want to Visit India.

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    I came to USA to a state university in the year 2010 for my bachelors and then i changed my university in 2012 to a small normal university and i want to travel to India this December.

    Is it Risky to travel to India.

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    You can thats not a problem at all. Make sure that you can work from home from the company...Is it for holidays are in the middle of the semester?

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    What about travel to India on CPT approved and have your H1B approved (as a consular processing case)both of which are yet to start ?

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    has anybody travelled without any issue, since while getting the admissions, GRE and TOFEL are not considered. Is that an issue?

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    Hi,i m h4 visa.i m planning to join Goldey beacom college for Fall is the this u get f1 easily.and also do u get h1 sponsor after graduating from this college.plz do reply

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    hi, i am also joining the aug 24 session, F1 can be recieved in 2- 4 months so may be you want to apply now and get the F1 visa till the time you plan to join the college. and about the H1 , you have to find a job and sponsor for you H1, it has nothing to do with the college.

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    Getting F1 is very tough if u r on h4. This is not a University. A simple (community type) college.I can be sure a lot of friends of mine (either for secomd stamping or first stampimg or change of status) got denied ..

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    Unless u have an employer already to sponsor you - NO

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    Hi.i m planning 2 join Goldey beacom for fall 2.i met one of admission rep of dis college .She said if u do more CPT like full time u will nt get ur OPT.Initially i thought we get full time CPT for 12 mnths after 2 semesters and 12 mnths OpT.So atleast we have 2 years to find an h1 sponsor.Bt its nt dat wid collage.
    Also my concern is stamping of f1 visa when i go 2 india.converting into here is easy bt when u go 4 stamping u can get rejected.specially dis college

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