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Thread: RFE Specialty Occupation

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    # means they are following to someone who can answer correctly or they are waiting to hear for what others says....

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    Thanks for the information. That helps

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    A few of my friends received denials and a few of them got approved last week. It all depends on how the lawyers respond.

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    for the people who got the denials, is it because of that particular reason for “speciality occupation”?

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    Quote Originally Posted by karn View Post
    Hello all,

    I received an RFE for Specialty Occupation in the first week of September. My attorney is all set to respond with the required documents. Just out of curiosity I would like to ask is there anyone who got the approval after receiving this type of RFE for CAP 2018?

    On reading various other forums, it seems this time, people are receiving lot of denials for this category of RFE.

    I had received RFE for Specialty Occupation. I have master's in computer and information science and I work as software engineer. My petition got approved.

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