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Thread: Harrisburg University day 1 CPT?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DesiOPT-FaceBook-Fan View Post
    At Harrisburg, A first time student at the Master degree level may only participate in <364 days of full time CPT (after completion of one semester with 3 or higher GPA) to remain eligible for OPT. But a student who has previously completed OPT at the Master degree level has exhausted OPT eligibility and is then permitted to use full time 2 years CPT. I am an HU student, you can inbox me for any info.
    Hi Desi, I'd like to know more about HU. I'm looking to enroll sometime next year. How do I get in touch with you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vibhu View Post
    Hi , I inquired Harrisburg university and came to know that if you join university on F1 visa than have to wait for one semester to engage in CPT. are there people who has taken CPT from day 1 in Harrisburg? if yes than can they comment about on which visa they joined university.
    That is not correct. You can join from Day 1. If you need any help in admission process, i can guide, you can email me at

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    I am currently on F2 visa and planning to join Harrisburg but have heard mixed reviews about it. also, I just read that first time students do not get CPT from day 1. Is ir true?? can someone please help me with this?

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