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Thread: Laid off While Stem extension is pending

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    Lightbulb Laid off While Stem extension is pending

    Does Anyone know how much time do people have if they lose employment while the stem application was pending with USCIS. Its been 60 days since I applied. Now if I lose my job, How will that affect my application ? Would it still get approved ? I know I have to inform the DSO within 10 days and that you have 120 days of unemployment on STEM to find a new job( I did not use any during OPT). But the fact that the application is still pending makes the situation a bit more complex. Does anyone know better ?

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    If your stem extension application has reached USCIS , they usually check your name in the company's e verify database. Either of these two things will happen.
    1. If you've applied long back and they check while you're still employed it'll get approved. You'll have an additional 30 days to your already 90 unemployment days.
    2. This is the more likely case. If you lose job your name will be off company's employer database and USCIS won't be able to verify your employer and e verify ID of the employer. In this case you'll get an RFE. You'll have about 60 odd days, exact date will be mentioned in your RFE letter, to re submit the application. You won't have to pay the fees again just submit the paperwork again with your new employer. In that case you'll have until the end of the date mentioned in your RFE letter to find a job.

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    Did you OPT get approved? I am in a similar situation. Can you tell me what you did?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pikolo View Post
    Did you OPT get approved? I am in a similar situation. Can you tell me what you did?
    I am also in a similar situation.please tell me What did you do?

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    How much time since u applied for extension?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pikolo View Post
    How much time since u applied for extension?
    I applied on 14th September and USCIS received my application on 21st September. Did you get your result?

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    Can you give some more details like when u applied and when did u get laid off? When I got laid off, my application was 66 days into the process.

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    I am currently working at a firm through which I had applied for my Stem-Opt back in mid June. However, I will be leaving the company on 15th of August during which I will still not have my EAD card in hand as the application is still processing. So, I will definitely be unemployed for a few days. During this period am I allowed to use my remaining Standard OPT unemployment days even if I haven't received my Stem-OPT card? Please let me know if I can use it or else what other option do I have.

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