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Thread: Stem opt nearing deadline and h1b approved

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    Stem opt nearing deadline and h1b approved

    Hi Friends,

    My stem opt application deadline is june 28 and it looks like my university is delaying the process and so uscis may receive my application past deadline date.If so will they reject my application ?

    I will get H1B by october.How is this going to impact my status if stem opt application is rejected due to late submission ?

    I would be very helpful if you could answer my question.


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    If your h1b is approved why do you need stem opt ? You will be in cap gap till September 30th and from October 1 your H1B will start. Ask your university to generate cap gap i20

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    If you have been picked in the H-1B Cap, you are covered by Cap Gap so you can continue to work and when your H-1B is approved, you will be able to work in H-1B status starting on October 1.
    Technically, if you are covered by Cap Gap, your OPT doesn’t expire when your OPT expires. So, USCIS may still accept the STEM extension application even after your OPT expires. It’s definitely worth a shot.
    Make sure when you file the extension, that your I-20 shows your Cap Gap extension.

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