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Thread: H1B 2017 case picked April 11th but no updates

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    H1B 2017 case picked April 11th but no updates

    My case was picked on April 11th 2017 this year and since then I've been checking USCIS webisite, but no updates on approval till now. I'm little worried as its more than 2 months now. Anyone else like me? or anyone got acceptance for a pickup date later than mine, like April 13th ?

    Thank you!

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    This is the situation of many H1 picked candidates. No need to worry, keep on checking the status on uscis website. if there any updates on your application your employer will get in mail and you can also see change in your status

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    Nothing to worry. They are catching up with their application backlog slowly. You will hear something by August-September.

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