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Thread: Did I get h1b or not?

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    Unless your employer doesn't provide you with a receipt number starting with the following, your application is not selected
    The first three letters indicate the USCIS service center which is processing the petition, as follows:
    EAC – Vermont Service Center;
    WAC – California Service Center;
    LIN – Nebraska Service Center; and
    SRC – Texas Service Center.

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    it just says that your employer filed an application and gave you the tracking details that any employer receives while mailing through Fed-Ex or USPS or UPS. This does not mean you got H1B. It means a mail has been sent and you can track the mail.

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    This guy is from my employer most probably because all of us got this exact email. It is just an evidence that the package was mailed to USCIS before the deadline. It does not mean in any way that the petition got accepted in the lottery.

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    This does not say it was picked in lottery. That tracking number is FEDEX tracking of application packet that your company sent to USCIS. Not the other way around. If USCIS issues receipt notice in your name, it would mean its picked, so no, not yet.

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    They just mentioned in the email that they applied for your H1b for fiscal year 2018. I would suggest you to talk to your employer first to confirm about it instead going for forum opinions

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    Letís suppose my location is the Boston zip code area. Where do I apply in this case? If I understood correctly, the employer is using official courier mains to post documents. Then I have to be given a tracking number for the parcel. But I do not have any tracking number. What to do in this case? Where can I call or write to obtain this information? Thanks for your suggestions.

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    Interesting information to read.

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