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Thread: FI OPT marrying US citizen

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    Both application will be in process ,none will impact other ,you can get your extension while gc in process .usually it takes 6 -12 months for the process .

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    It's not a red flag, as long as you are living together and can show history of dating and are showing enough time living together. Ask me, I went through this experience. Red flags would be: 1) not living together. 2) visa expiring today, getting married the next day and applying for gc the very next day after marriage. 3) not knowing each other well and a short courtship. 4) financial dependency of one on the other.

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    Just make sure you're living together and mixing all assets and finances.

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    You can apply for GC even after your opt expiration date but realize that your stay will be unlawful until the day you turn in your adjustment of status application(GC). In the meantime you can get caught and placed in removal proceedings. So plan to apply GC before opt expiration.

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    hey do random checks once you are married and also take feedback from neighbors..... apart from that you are fine

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    It is not a problem to marry her. Try to have a couple of years of dating history and live together at least for 8 months . If you are collecting any pictures from the time you are dating, make it an album with time and moment mentioned and carry it with you to the interview . As long as it is genuine you should be able to answer questions, no worries about that.

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    You can't get ur GC in 6 months. I don't know which state are you from so check the queue in your state. Right now it is taking somewhere around 8 months. You might get ead before 6 months though. But you will be asked tons of questions. I have seen people of both kinds, genuine and fake. You will be tested much though you are genuine. But, if it's because of your college lost status etc don't go for it. Choose another masters instead because you might end up losing everything and even jailed in some scenarios. There are lots of problems you need to face in the next 3 years ( timeframe to get permanent gc)! Good luck!

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    Yes, you can get extension of maximum 17 months on your OPT. To apply for extension you must properly submit: Form I-765 with the application fee, Form I-20, Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status, endorsed by your DSO and a copy of your STEM degree. You should get your extension approved in 90 days. If you file your extension application on time and your OPT period expires while your extension application is pending, USCIS will extend your employment authorization for 180 days. To know more visit

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    Interesting. Thank you

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    just do it!

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