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Thread: Options for F1 visa student to enroll in University to get CPT

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    Post Options for F1 visa student to enroll in University to get CPT

    My spouse has valid F-1 visa and completed certification course form UCSC extension in Software QUality and Engineering. Spouse is currently on F-1 OPT which expires in January. We are thinking of getting admission for Masters which offers Day 1 CPT. What are our options provided following things:
    1. Certification course is not considered masters degree IMO.
    2. Will she get Day 1 CPT if it will be first masters ?
    3. She has valid stamp till 2022 so just getting new I-20 will be enough? Or will she face issues when entering US once she is enrolled in university and CPT is started.

    Please reply . Any help is appreciated.

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    Hey there!

    Concordia College in Bronxville, New York is offering DAY 1 CPT for MS in Applied Statistics! It is a recently-launched STEM program and it appears to fit what your spouse wanted! Check the site out:

    For more information on CPT you could email the PDSO of Concordia:

    Hope this helps! Let me know how it goes!!!

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