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Thread: Which Universities allow CPT from Day 1? Readers please share your experience

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    Hi Guys, I am specifically looking for a PHD program with Day 1 CPT


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    Question UpdatE?

    Quote Originally Posted by Anish View Post
    Hi Guys, I am specifically looking for a PHD program with Day 1 CPT

    Hey Anish,

    Did you get any schools that offer day 1 cpt with PhD ???? Where are you located sir?

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    I am looking for Day 1 CPT. I have been attending Harrisburg but I'm about to complete my first masters and the second one starts after a month. I cannot afford to hold 1 month of gap in CPT and be jobless. Please advise any school that offers day 1 CPTs. Please !

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    Quote Originally Posted by DesiOPT-FaceBook-Admin View Post
    Comments from Readers
    -Goldey-Beacom and Sullivan University which offers CPT from day 1 and accredited
    -ITU, California
    -Vanderbilt University

    This is the most frequently asked question. Readers please share names of other universities to benefit students who are looking to join this Fall.

    This was posted on on June 20th 2013
    Hey there!

    This is incredibly late but I know of one more college that offers Day 1 CPT: Concordia College in Bronxville, New York. It's apparently a new program! The link is http://

    Hope this helps!!!

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    Hey greenberet!

    Concordia College in Bronxville NY has recently launched a Masters in Applied Stats program that offers Day 1 CPT! The link is

    Do you think this would be a good fit for you? Let me know!

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