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Thread: Which Universities allow CPT from Day 1? Readers please share your experience

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    Does KSI needs attendance personallly in college or can we take online?

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    Hello I urgently need a name of the school that provides CPT from day 1 in Minnesota.
    I'm in a lot of shit not just with my status but others and cannot leave MN.
    Please help me. I'd be extrmely grateful.

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    I am in South Carolina.
    Is there are good colleges which provide CPT from the first day or first month in South Carolina, or North Carolina?

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    Harrisburg University Of science & Technology, Harrisburg PA

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    Did you ever got to know about universities in Minnesota?

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    Any idea on the universities in Seattle, Redmond or anywhere around?

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    Post cpt quiry

    Quote Originally Posted by DesiOPT-FaceBook-Fan View Post
    Strayer Uni: Manassas, VA
    Stratford Uni: Falls Church, VA
    UONA: Vienna, VA
    ITI: Flushing, NY
    i am on b1 visa and i want to transfer that to f1 with cpy so
    dear can you plz help me to find out the university or college which offers cpt from day 1 in new jersey or pensyveniya

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    There is no online class, it's in college and the attendance is very strict. If u r working outside of Chicago/illinois, plan well.

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    I am also trying to join day 1 CPT in UONA: Vienna, VA. But can anyone please share your experience joining this college. Is it fair idea to select this college, I heard UONA has a bad lookup from USICS. Please advice.

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    There is a school in Chicago and Boston with CPT day one for Business, Computer Systems Institute

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