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Thread: Entered wrong e-verify number in i765 form for opt ext.

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    Hi. What are the supporting documents to be sent ?

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    Dude i have the same issue and dunno how to proceed,. Wil be great if you can Please help me with it. Or if possible to contact me

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    Hi, Did you guys receive any updates on your ead processing? I am facing the same issue.

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    Feb 15th 2018: I consulted my DSO. They asked me to check the required set of documents with USCIS. USCIS asked me to submit a letter explaining the mistake and attach supporting documents. The documents I sent to USCIS are :

    1. Covering letter explaining my mistake(wrote the right E-verify # in it)
    2. New I-765 form
    3. Previous receipt notice
    4. E-verify page login with company details (Got it from HR)

    I titled the package as " Correspondence documents for receipt number YSC # " and sent to Potomac service center. All these documents were received by them on March 15,2018 when my case was pending for 30 days. After 85 days from initial receipt notice, I got my EAD approved. Yet to receive my card though.

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